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  Your place to come to stay informed on what's really happening while your attention is being drawn elsewhere.  

Remember: when you've got your head in the sand, your posterior is extremely vulnerable.


If you firmly believe the government has always told you the whole truth and nothing but the truth...this website is not for you!

However, if you think the "facts" you’ve been told were not completely true in every detail and may have been edited in order to manipulate you and control your understanding of a subject...this website is what you’ve been looking for!

New on the Revelation page:
World Bank corruption!
Read, and hear, this expose of the practices used by this body to undermine our commerce system while adding to their profit.
Former World Bank attorney, Karen Hudis, bares all in copy and audio.

Now, watch this 2 minute video clip on the International Bank's real objective.

I took this clip from the 2009 movie, The International. It dramatically exposes the of covert intrigue and corruption of power conducted by the world banks-- global conflicts, drugs, sex-trafficking, munition sales, assassinations, and others, all for one purpose -- and it's probably not for the purpose you think. If you've already seen the movie, see it again. The subject of conflict between Syria and Isreal makes you wonder if the writer might have been psychic.   > Turn up your sound.

Revelation page II has been added.
Read PEGGY NOONAN'S column in The Wall Street Journal regading the IRS scandal: 

"An Antidote to Cynicism Poisoning"

An informative article on "the fallacies of taxing the rich" has been added to the Recent updates page.

Site Sources

Coast to Coast AM

If you aren’t familiar with this late-night radio show, you should be. This four-hour program has a devoted group of over 3,000,000 listeners. Hosts such as George Noory, John B. Wells, George Knapp and Ian Punnett have prominent guests who are knowledgeable in a myriad of subjects, such as unexplained world-wide occurrences including UFO’s and other phenomena, as well as more down-to-earth subjects like the recent program on the apparently forthcoming "Fiscal Cliff ", the Mafia, Transhumanism and Lincoln’s assassination. For more information, I suggest you go to

Coast to Coast AM is heard nightly from 10:00 PM to 2:00 PM on station KPQ (560 AM) in Wenatchee, WA . Check your local listings for the time and station in your area.  If this time period is inconvenient for you, read the column in the right side panel, Listening to, or recording, radio programs

These are significant sources we'll use occasionally. 

They are a gold mine of  documented, sometimes mind-boggling 

information on hundreds of subjects. 


Click any link to visit that site. 

Catherine Austin Fitts served as managing director and member of the board of directors of the Wall street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co., Inc., as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration, and was president of Hamilton Securities Group, Inc., an investment bank and financial software developer.

Her website offers essential interviews and commentaries to provide you with the information you need to build equity in all areas of your life. is an award-winning website where experts, eyewitnesses and viewers share the latest updates in earth and astronomical mysteries. Linda Moulton Howe is an Emmy Award-winning TV producer, investigative reporter for radio and Internet and author who goes directly to the men and women at the forefront of science and environmental breakthroughs and to firsthand witnesses of high strangeness. 

Her website now has more than 2,000 science, environment and X-Files reports and over 20,000 images and documents in the growing Archive and ever-increasing current news. The in-depth reports go beyond the 6 o’clock news.

If you really want to know what is going on in the world around you, this is a website you shouldn’t miss. 

Douglas Dietrich is an internationally recognized renegade military historian and global crisis analyst whose credentials are presented on this issues Revelation page.His website contains some astounding, documented disclosures. 

Don't visit this website if you fear having firmly entrenched beliefs concerning information you were given regarding the years surrounding WWII and other significant periods of history to be discounted by irrefutable, documented information.

Richard C. Hoagland, recipient of the 1993 international Angstrom Medal for Excellence in Science, is a former museum space science curator, a former NASA Consultant, and during the historic Apollo Missions to the moon, was science advisor to Walter Cronkite and CBS news. He collaborated on projects with Carl Sagan, Arthur C. Clarke and others. He was the first to propose there might be life on Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter, and may provide one of the best reasons for the proposed Galileo mission. 

He recently has been quietly investigating over 30 years of previously hidden data from NASA, Soviet and Pentagon missions to the moon – with startling results.

This site is invaluable to anyone wishing to keep abreast of past or proposed missions into outer space. 

Whitley Strieber is an American novelist best known for his horror novels The Wolfen and The Hunger, both of which were made into films. In 1985, Strieber was reportedly abducted by non-human beings. Strieber has drawn no conclusions about the identity of his abductors (he refers to them as “the visitors”). Although many have debunked his claims, his subsequent detailed statements regarding the incident have caused many, including some of the scientific community, especially UFOlogists, to consider them to be entirely true. 

If you are uncertain about our having been, or now being, occasionally visited by life from outer space, you’ll find this site to be very informative.

Other sites will be added to this list when they prove worthy of investigation.

Bastards short

Site Purpose

    The author, Robert Fulghum asserted that all we need to know we learned in kindergarten — simple things like sharing, truthfulness, humility, and living with animals and nature. Maybe that's so about the simple things, but I contend it’s what we've learned since those early years that's had the greatest significance in our adult lives.

     Have you ever considered the   American history "facts" you were taught in school? Many of which you since have learned were untrue: the information glossed-over and edited. Maybe the only true "facts" were the dates. 

     This glossing-over hasn’t only been applied to history, it’s become standard procedure in the dissemination of most information we receive daily from every source: newspapers, TV, radio, and the Internet.

     Magicians and other slight-of-hand artists call it smoke and mirrors —that little distraction they perform with their left hand so you won’t see what their right hand is doing.

     The purpose of this site is to help you keep your eyes on the left hand, to help you see through the illusion, and not be distracted by what the media is telling you. 

     When we become aware of information the mainline media is reporting, or has reported, that is possibly not entirely true, we will add a new Revelation page to this website to give you the other side of the news, and let you determine the validity of each.

Listening to, or recording, radio programs.

     There are many free and inexpensive programs available on the Internet which allow you to stream, or stream and record, audio from a radio program or other source. Sound Tap ( is one, but there are others

      If you want more information on the subject, send me a message on the Contact page, or consult your computer guru.